Convicting the Innocent
DNA Exonerations Database

William Kelly

First NameWilliam
Last NameKelly
Year of Conviction1990
Year of Exoneration1993
Testing inculpated culpritNon-Cold Hit
State of ConvictionPennsylvania
Trial, Bench Trial, or Guilty PleaGuilty Plea
Type of CrimeMurder
Death SentenceNo
Gender of ExonereeMale
Race of exonereeWhite
Mentally Ill or Intellectually DisabledIntellectually Disabled
Types of evidence at trial
  • Confession
Were non-public facts alleged?Yes
Examples of Non-Public or Corroborated Facts and Inconsistencies

● Provided “somewhat detailed account of the murder” ● Admitted presence at Dinger’s Café/Bar with victim shorter before her death ● Drive with victim to landfill ● Hit victim with a plank. ● Dragged victim to location (which he identified) where body was found, and covered body ● Confessed to raping victim vaginally But told police he did not ejaculate (in fact perpetrator did ejaculate)

Quotes from law enforcement testimony

Guilty plea – no trial

Quotes from prosecution arguments

Guilty plea – no trial

Highest level reachedNR

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