Convicting the Innocent
DNA Exonerations Database

RobertLee Veal

First Name RobertLee
Last NameVeal
Year of Conviction1995
Year of Exoneration2011
Testing inculpated culpritCold Hit
State of ConvictionIllinois
Trial, Bench Trial, or Guilty PleaGuilty Plea
Type of CrimeMurder
Death SentenceNo
Gender of ExonereeMale
Race of exonereeBlack
Mentally Ill or Intellectually DisabledSevere learning disabilities
Types of evidence at trial
  • Confession
  • DNA excluded
  • Forensic Evidence
Were non-public facts alleged?Yes
Type of Forensic Evidence
  • DNA
Types of Flawed Forensics
  • Excluded
  • Valid
Examples of Non-Public or Corroborated Facts and Inconsistencies

● Victim taken to vacant field, description of field ● Victim punched in face ● Victim punched in mouth dark, scarf tied around mouth ● Coat, jeans, and ring removed ● Victim shot with dark colored handgun in the mouth, scarf removed prior to shooting

Quotes from law enforcement testimony

Guilty Plea – No trial. “And during your conversations with Shainne Sharp and Robert Veal, did they provide details to you that indicated to you that they had been at that murder scene? A. Yes, they did.” (See Sharp).

Quotes from prosecution arguments

“Robert Veal had never even been out to this area before. He told you all about it. There is a broken fence we went through. There’s a bunch of tires there. When you turn by the broken fence, you go down a path. You’re going to get all the pictures back there. There’s the path they went down. There is where the body was found. It was exactly how they described it.” (And see Sharp)

Interrogation RecordedWritten and signed confession statement
Highest level reachedNR
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