Convicting the Innocent
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Kennedy Brewer

First NameKennedy
Last NameBrewer
Year of Conviction1995
Year of Exoneration2008
Testing inculpated culpritNon-Cold Hit
State of ConvictionMississippi
Trial, Bench Trial, or Guilty PleaTrial
Type of CrimeRape and Murder
Death SentenceYes
Gender of ExonereeMale
Race of exonereeBlack
Description / Quotes from Testimony Concerning Defense

● Defense pointed to lack of fluids, hairs, or fiber that connects defendan twith the attacker, and that scent tracking dogs failed to pick up the defendant’s scent near body.

Did the defendant testify at trial?No
Types of evidence at trial
  • Forensic Evidence
Type of Forensic Evidence
  • Bite Mark
Types of Flawed Forensics
  • Invalid
Reason why invalid-6
Brief Quote / Description of Testimony

The analyst concluded that Brewer’s teeth in fact left the marks: “Within reasonable medical certainty, the teeth of Kenneth—un, Mr. Kennedy Brewer inflicted the patterns described on the body” of the victim, and explaining that reasonable medical certainty means “yes, he did” leave the marks.

Highest level reachedState Post­ Conviction
Claims Raised During All Appeals and Postconviction
  • Brady
  • Cumulative Error
  • Fourth Amendment
  • Improper Capital Sentencing Instructions
  • Jackson Claim
  • Jury Instructions
  • Jury Selection
  • Motion for DNA Testing
  • Prosecutorial Misconduct
  • State Law Evidence Claim
Harmless Error Rulings
  • G
  • HE
Citations to judicial opinions

Brewer v. State, 725 S.2d 106 (Miss. 1998)
Brewer v. Mississippi, 526 U.S. 1027 (Mem) (1999)
Brewer v. State, 819 So.2d 1165 (Miss. 2000)
Brewer v. State, 819 So.2d 1169 (Miss. 2002)

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