Convicting the Innocent
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Billy James Smith

First NameBilly James
Last NameSmith
Year of Conviction1987
Year of Exoneration2006
State of ConvictionTexas
Trial, Bench Trial, or Guilty PleaTrial
Type of CrimeRape
Death SentenceNo
Life / LWOP sentenceLife
Gender of ExonereeMale
Race of exonereeBlack
Type of Innocence Defense
  • Alibi
Description / Quotes from Testimony Concerning Defense

● Defendant’s sister testified that defendant was asleep during the night that the crime occurred.

Did the defendant testify at trial?Yes
Quotes from Exoneree Testimony

“Q: Did you assault [the victim] as she has indicated from the witness stand? A: No sir, I did not. I’ve never seen this woman a day in my life.”

Types of evidence at trial
  • Eyewitness
  • Forensic Evidence
Type of Forensic Evidence
  • Serology
Types of Flawed Forensics
  • Valid (Non-probative)
Brief Quote / Description of Testimony

The analyst testified that “there was not a sufficient quantity of seminal fluid to determine genetic markers in this case.”

Identity of eyewitness
  • Intraracial Identificaiton
  • Victim
Lineup Procedures
  • Showup
Suggestive Procedures

No ● Show-up – conducted properly immediately following incident

Unreliable Identification?


Quotes from testimony #2

“Q: Was there any doubt in your mind then that he was the one? A: No. Q: Is there any doubt in your mind now thathe’s the one? A: No.”

Highest level reachedNR
Citations to judicial opinions

Smith v. State, No. 05‐87‐00191‐CR (Tex. App.‐Dallas Jan. 26, 1988)
Smith v. State, 2004 WL 213661 (Tex. App.‐Dallas 2004)

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